Seminars for companies

Most of Fincover’s clients are large companies.

Fincover believes in blended learning. Using a variety of teaching methods, Fincover deciphers financial facts and figures for non-financial employees: classroom teaching, e-learning, webinars, coaching and event-learning. Together with the client, Vera looks for the best mix to meet the requirements.

Vera - your experienced guide

Old-fashioned, but still hot! Bringing people together in a classroom to explore the world of finance. Vera will gladly guide the class. Interaction, exercises, simplicity and fun are key. The focus is on your reports, your terminology and your indicators.

More information on classroom training:

Finance & fun

Fincover has developed a unique e-learning system. Once again, simplicity, customisation and fun are fundamental.

E-learning & customisation

‘Customisation in e-learning is impossible!’ I hear you say? Not at Fincover! Together with the finance department, we decide which information and terminology to include in the e-learning. Is your company on the stock exchange, with new figures each quarter? Fincover makes sure your figures are integrated into the e-learning, and updates them every quarter.

Watch a video clip

Finance = fun in 1 hour

Employees can log in from anywhere in the world for an hour of ‘Finance is fun!’. Webinars can be a follow-up of the e-learning. This is also an ideal opportunity to explain the new quarter’s figures in ‘normal’ language.

An online quiz as a warm-up just a few days before the webinar is fun, especially for the winner!

Extra coaching

Some additional coaching can be helpful after the Business Case Training. Fincover can coach employees while they compile a business case. This is done mostly in face-to-face online meetings, during which implementation of the 10-stage plan is discussed.

Playing & learning

Finance is fun! is at its very best during event learning. Fincover can entertain a group of around 120 people with a financial game. Participants play a number of rounds while enjoying a drink and snack. Chatting with colleagues while learning something at the same time. And it’s all possible in just one hour.