Vera Smets

vera rond


Vera has a Masters in Applied Economic Science. She graduated from the University of Antwerp in 1988. For a while she worked for IBM and KBC, but soon felt the urge to branch out and do her own thing.


She founded Fincover Ltd. in 1995. Fincover stands for Financial Consulting Vera. Vera’s mission has never changed: Fincover aims to bridge the gap between financial and non-financial people in business.

The method, however, has evolved. In the early days, the focus was mainly on classroom training. Nowadays, Vera combines a range of teaching methods. In jargon, we call this blended learning: e-learning, webinars, business-case coaching, event learning, classroom teaching… Together with the client, she looks for the best mix to meet the requirements.

For large companies and SMEs

Vera works mainly for large companies. Her many clients include Barco, Elia, Proximus, Electrabel, Telenet, BASF, Atos Worldline and Tiense Suiker. Fincover also enjoys providing training to SMEs through VOKA.

Vera teaches all the training courses herself, so clients can be sure of consistent quality, and she masters all three languages (Dutch, French and English).

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